K. Edwards's Comment

    Working with Shanghai MD Maid Service has been an excellent experience. Our agent’s professionalism and warm attitude helped us feel confident in the agency and in the ayi that we hired. Our agent took time to understand our unique needs for household help and found several suitable candiates for us to choose from. She fully explained the employment contract and made sure our concerns and requirements were met. She also helped us understand the needs from the ayi’s side so we have a better sense of what’s important to our ayi, which can be difficult to know given the cultural and language differences. Our agent really helped us set up a situation for success from the beginning. Now, we have established a very good working relationship with both M-D Shanghai and our ayi that continues to grow. We have worked with MD Maid Service and our ayi for 18 months and continue to be impressed by their dedication, hard work and professionalism. I would highly recommend this agency! -- K. Edwards, USA


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